Humanitarian support for those in need.

Lilly L. Culver Fund for the Protection of Animals

Rescue and veterinarian care subsidy for orphaned animals. Political lobbying for the rights of animals. Scholarship fund for those pursuing a career in veterinarian medicine.


Endowment for supporting the arts and artists including grants for academic research. Purpose: To foster the documentation and transmission of new and traditional art forms so as to broaden creative involvement and audience access.

Project Raven

Financial assistance to increase educational quality and opportunities for the gifted and underprivileged. Purpose: To cultivate new leaders and thinkers.

Center for Higher Knowledge and Human Potential

Examining the areas of culture, religion and identity. Purpose: To support human fulfillment and development.

The International Center of Russian Musical Culture (ICRMC)

Sponsors and co-founder of a private non-profit organization. Purpose: To promote the methods and traditions of Russian music.